SSR Update #14

I just finished Another Note, which is another novel based off of the Death Note series, by Tsugumi Ohba.  This book is completely amazing because the suspense, action, and confusion never stop, and it is mentally draining at times.  The main characters try to solve a series of murders with some extremely weird clues intentionally left behind by the killer.  I had fun while attempting to figure out clues before the characters, and occasionally I did, which made me feel good about my intellectual ability.  Even if you haven’t read the Death Note series, you would probably understand this book, and I recommend it to anyone who loves a book primarily based on telling a thrilling story.  As a plus, finishing this book will leave you completely satisfied, with a need to read the book again to pick up on the hundreds of clues you missed the first time. I rate this book equivalent to some sizzling bacon!rating system