Blogging Challenge 2011 #4

Challenge 4

Next spring, with my friends, I am going to Spain and Italy, which will satisfy two of the places I want to visit.  However, I want to go to Portugal insanely bad, and maybe England and Ireland if I am lucky.  I already know the Spanish language enough that I think I would be able to converse with random strangers on the street if it was necessary to ask for directions.  However, I don’t know much about what people in Spain do for entertainment, or how they decorate their houses, and other tiny details like that that fascinate me.  Concerning Italy, I know the culture well, so I don’t really have any questions.  I’ve always wanted to go to Italy and Portugal because my family is from those countries, and I cannot explain how excited I am to finally go to foreign countries (excluding Canada, of course).  I am also thrilled that I am going to eat amazing food from Spain! 🙂  Where do you guys want to go most?  Do you have any trips planned?