Blogging Challenge 2011 #7

I love the challenge this week because activity 3 asks us to write about our family get-togethers, and if you know me, you know that my family is a gigantic part of my life. I’m Italian. There’s a lot of us Italians and we like to get together for hours, loudly shouting at each other, eating pasta and prosciutto, telling stupid stories, and listening to someone play the accordion.  Just yesterday, for Easter, I went up to Syracuse, where most of my lovely Italian family resides, and it was a normal get together for us.  My grandpa told a story about my mom’s bathing suit falling off at a water park when she was a teenager (it was really embarrassing, apparently) and then my uncle and I starting singing the “Indoors” song from a random Spongebob episode.  My cousins danced-old while my grandpa played the same songs on his accordion that he always plays, and one of my uncles had a little too much wine.  Most of my weekends are spent like this, and always have been since I can remember.  My family and ourItalian-ness is such a part of who I am (my next three weekends are dedicated to these gatherings) and I’m so glad I got to ramble about how much I love all of it! I suddenly feel nostalgic…

Blogging Challenge 2011 #6

For Challenge 6 I created a wordle of my recent posts, and it’s really funny because most of the words come from the story I wrote about the three men and the boat or my post that was written in Spanish.  The word I used most often is ‘go’, which I think is completely awesome because the thing I want to do most with my life is go places, see things, inspire people, etc. Maybe this wordle is trying to tell me that one day, I will achieve all that I want to achieve.  Or maybe it’s just a coincidence. 😉

blog wordle

Blogging Challenge 2011 #5

For Challenge 5, I picked activity 7 because I love creative writing and I feel like we do almost no creative writing in school.  So, based on the picture below, I have come up with a  (hopefully) entertaining and creative  story that will (hopefully) entertain my readers. Enjoy! 

There were once three boys, childhood friends, named Matt, Julian, and Gerard.  When they were little they used to travel to the stream in Julian’s backyard, pretending they were explorers travelling thousands of miles.  When they got to the little stream, they put their plastic toy boats onto the water and watched excitedly as the water slowly pushed the boats downstream.  Gerard’s boat never went quite far, and instead of realizing that Gerard’s little plastic boat had a hole in it, they attributed his boat’s constant failure to the made-up god of the river.  Before letting their boats go sailing, they would all talk to the river gods, asking them for a safe voyage and then they would watch as their boats were slowly pushed along with the current.

Many years later, they realized that the river gods, the long journeys and the large rivers were things they made up to make themselves feel like they could conquer anything.  So, they forgot the part of their lives in which they could be and do whatever they wanted, and slowly lost their imagination due to underuse.  They became regular middle school students, and then regular high school students, and then regular college students.  Their life became a blur in which they never thought about their old desires to be something in this world and to discover things never discovered before.

It wasn’t until they had graduated, gotten married, and had children until they remembered their forgotten dreams and plans.  As Gerard, Julian, and Matt sat in their respective backyards, watching their kids run around pretending they were fighting monsters and being rescued by heroes in shining armor, that the three men thought back to when they sent their little boats down the stream.  So, they called each other up and revealed that their whole lives they had still wanted to be adventurers, but those feelings had been buried so deep it took until they had children to realize it.

So the three men decided they were going to go on vacation in Europe, so they bought tickets and once they were in Ireland, staying at a beach house near the ocean, they bought a boat.  It was pristine and white, and it made them glow with happiness, sharing secret smiles with each other.  Matt made a flag to represent their country, and they threw on life jackets and hopped in the boat.  Julian steered for a while, none of them sure where they were going; just knowing they wanted to go somewhere.  After a while, they were completely lost and the waves were getting very high, rocking the boat and causing Matt to laugh hysterically, possibly because he was scared of dying.  Gerard and Julian ignored Matt, remained calm and steered them back to shore.  The three men promptly decided to never go out to sea again.

So they returned home, a little sad, but also knowing that it might not be their destinies to change the world, but they would make sure that their children never lost their imaginations and helped people all over the world.  And they would also keep their children from taking boat rides in the Atlantic Ocean.

Of Interest to Me: Paramore

Paramore, an alternative rock band that is well known for songs such as crushcrushcrush and The Only Exception, consists of Hayley Williams, Jeremy Davis, and Taylor York.  I love Paramore for the peace and energy that their music brings me, their meaningful and relatable lyrics, and the great diversity between their second album, Riot!, and their third album, Brand New Eyes.  I first fell in love with Paramore when I heard Riot!‘s simplistic guitar/bass/drum combinations; if you listen to Let the Flames Begin, you will probably suddenly feel like jumping on top of a table and accomplishing anything you feel like.  Brand New Eyes, their most recent album that contains more acoustic guitar parts, reminds me of sitting outside on a swing on a beautiful spring day, contemplating life.  Both albums are amazing and if you’ve only heard Paramore’s hit singles, check out some of their other songs such as Let the Flames Begin or Where the Lines Overlap because you will understand what I am trying to convey in this post.