Blogging Challenge 2011 #9

For challenge 9 I’m doing a combination of all the activities. Since the beginning of March I have written 12  posts, some for school and some for fun, and I’ve recieved  around 25 comments from friends and even people I don’t know, mostly on my posts about bands that I like.  These are obviously my favorite posts to write and I think they get the most comments because I try really hard to express my love for music, and I think it shows.  My mom thought so too when I asked her to look at my blog and see what her first impressions were.  She also said that she thought the theme was very crop-circley, the title of my blog was very inspirational, and that she can tell that I love music, art, books, my family, and I like to write in spanish.  I might write a couple of posts over summer to stay updated with bands I discover, but I uphold the belief that summer is a time of relaxation and I purposely try to do almost no work over vacations.  Anyways, I think I would nominate Sahiba for the Edublogs award because she posts a lot. You should definitely consider her! 🙂

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