Blogging Challenge 2011 #10

This is the last challenge! Evaluation time: the registration time seems like it could be extended another week or so, I visited the actual challenge blog each week because my entire class didn’t do these challenges, and I didn’t subscribe by RSS because honestly, I don’t know how to… 🙂 The most interesting challenges were numbers 3 (writing in a different language) and 5 (creative writing) because I really had to think about what I was writing, and the most useful challenges were 2 (creating an avatar) and 8 (using links) because they helped enhance my blog.  I think tutorial posts are great because they break down something simple into even simpler steps for incompetent people like myself, and it would also be great to include more challenges that require thinking outside the box.  The “visit these posts” were useful because they gave me encouragement and suggestions to how I should be writing my posts. I’ll also mention that I only signed up for this because I thought, “Oh, why not?” but the challenges proved to be quite relaxing to write. I encourage others to try out the next blogging challenge because it helped improve my writing to some degree. So…adios, blogging challenge. 🙂

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