AoW#19: Facebook – I “Like” me

My problem with this article is that ” the research doesn’t answer whether Facebook attracts narcissists or turns us into them” so I don’t really see a point in this article.  It seems an obvious point that many people on Facebook are guilty of posting narcissistic photos and statuses, and similarly obvious that having a plethora of Facebook friends to like said pictures and statuses can fuel narcissistic qualities in a person.  The study mentioned in this article says that “those who frequently updated their Facebook status, tagged themselves in photos and had large numbers of virtual friends, were more likely to exhibit narcissistic traits” and that “high levels of narcissism were more likely to spend more than an hour a day on Facebook, and they were also more likely to post digitally enhanced personal photos” which are both quite obvious. All the aspects of the study are linked in obviousness: having less privacy settings and more Facebook friends allows more and more people to like your digitally altered photos of yourself and therefore giving you encouragement to post more. I don’t see why a study needs to be done to prove this, all you need to do is have a Facebook and you can witness it firsthand.


2 thoughts on “AoW#19: Facebook – I “Like” me

  1. I understand what you are saying, and the article really didn’t have a definite answer to the proposed question. But I think that people are always curious to prove a point and want to back up their Facebook theories with some legitimate research. I agree with you that the research isn’t that legitimate, however, and that it is hard to explain something so obvious.

  2. There are so many articles written on Facebook today that they all mush together and eventually end up having no point, like you said, in reference to this one. It’s point was self-explanitory and it’s common sense that a narcissistic person will seem even more self-complimenting on a social network where anyone can tell you how pretty you are in your sepia profile picture.

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